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May 22, 2013: Twenty Years of Ten Thousand Commandments

The twentieth anniversary edition of Ten Thousand Commandments was released this week. The annual report gives a big-picture overview of the federal regulatory state. Author Wayne Crews discusses his main findings, how he started Ten Thousand Commandments, how the regulatory state has evolved over the last twenty years, and what the future holds for regulation.

4 Responses to “May 22, 2013: Twenty Years of Ten Thousand Commandments”

  1. We’ve come to a point in the regulatory state where we can confidently say there is no need for any new regulations. Much like the tax issue, we are so far beyond the realm of a prudent level of regulatory fiat that we need to institute a ‘no new regulations’ policy. Any new regulation must be offset by a Paygo-style elimination of an old regulation. It must also contain a sunset provision.

  2. EPA finds, punishes and even targets anyone who violates any of its ten thousand commandments, even inadvertently. The agency’s climate change actions, however, are not inadvertent. They are deliberate, and their effects are harmful and far reaching. They will affect every American and 100% of our economy.



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